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Bulk buy discounts: apply to our entire cloth nappy range, including nappies, swim nappies, wetbags, inserts, covers, liners, breastpads and more. 

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Our range of Baby Bare wipes feature a dual layer design. One layer of bamboo velour, and one layer of bamboo french terry fabric. The two layers are overlocked together with crisp white thread.

Each wipe measures 20cm × 20cm making them a great size for all uses. 

Wipes can be purchased as a rainbow set (one of each colour) or as a single colour. Each pack has 5 wipes. Consider purchasing single colours to separate wipes for bottoms, from wipes for hands and faces.

Rainbow Pack: Packs will be a mix of available colours. Due to some colours selling out, the pack may vary in what is included. 

These packs come in a 5 pack of a single colour. 

Our wipes have a wide variety of uses including:

  • Nappy changes
  • Cleaning hands and face after meals
  • Bath time
  • Toilet training (replacing flushable wipes)
  • Replace your face washers with this super soft alternative

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