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Vegan reusable food wraps 3 pack


Beeswax-free and VEGAN FRIENDLY!  Made with natural plant based waxes, rosin and jojoba oil these wraps are just as amazing as the more common beeswax ones but minus the animal by-products!  Woohoo!!!

PLEASE NOTE: PRINTS WILL VARY. These images do not necessarily show the prints/colours you will receive. 

The 3 pack is perfect if you're new to food wraps or looking for an awesome gift.  Contains one large, one medium and one small wrap.


Large - 33cm x 33cm - perfect for wrapping a sandwich, covering a large bowl or making a snack bag.


Medium - 24cm x 24cm - great for covering a cut pumpkin or melon or covering a pasta bowl


Small - 16cm x 17cm - awesome for covering a cut lemon, avocado, cucumber etc or use over a glass or jar.

(As wraps are handcut please allow for some variance in measurements!)


Each of our eco friendly food wraps are lovingly created from 100% re-purposed cotton (thoroughly washed and cleaned of course!) and infused with our unique blend of plant based waxes, tree rosin and oil.


With the right love, each wrap will last well over 100 uses and when it reaches the end of it's life, is completely biodegradable and can be composted, or buried in your backyard. 

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